The pumping station and processing plant located at East Arm in Berrimah produces 96,000 litres of water per day which is drawn from the ancient South Alligator Dolostone aquifer located in Acacia Hills, 50km from Darwin in the Northern Territory.

About Us

The Northern Territory, famous for its pristine environment, stunning scenery and spiritual landscapes, is now home of the newest Australian water to hit the domestic and international beverages market. 

Headquartered in Australia’s Northern Territory, NT Beverages has constructed the Territory’s only bottled water production company specialising in Still and Sparkling bottled water products.


NT Beverages’ AKUNA BLUE TM, AKUNA SPRINGS TM & AKUNA CUSTOM TM is pure artesian water free from chemicals and additives. The naturally abundant artesian water has incredible health benefits with high alkalinity to balance the body’s PH level and aid digestion, low sodium for heart health and high silica content for healthy hair, skin and nails.

All of its facilities are ISO 9000 and the processing plant operates under a policy of green initiatives. The operation endorses green initiatives and runs a full grey water system that recycles the water so nothing is lost or wasted. There is a treatment plant on site that treats any unused water so that it can be used through reticulation. NT Beverages is committed to supporting the community, both through its charitable foundation and sponsorship initiatives. An uncapped 10% of all pre-tax profits from AKUNA BLUE TM and AKUNA SPRINGS TM will be distributed to community projects all over Australia through the Akuna Foundation.

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a: 22 Hamaura Road, East Arm NT 0822
p: 1300 766 492

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