Our Story

The Northern Territory, famous for its pristine environment, stunning scenery and spiritual landscapes, is now home of the newest Australian water to hit the domestic and international beverages market. Headquartered in Australia’s Northern Territory, NT Beverages has constructed the Territory’s only bottled water production company specialising in Still and Sparkling bottled water products.


Enriched with Natural Minerals

Our water has a uniquely refreshing taste which comes from the careful balance of naturally enriched organic minerals that serves a purpose far greater than just quenching your thirst. Our artesian water is enriched with vital organic minerals that enhance the experience of taste while supplying incredible health benefits with every sip.

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The Untouched Source

Our water comes from the pristine source located 50kms from Darwin in the Northern Territory and is drawn from a volcanic rock aquifer that’s formation is over 1 million years old. The mineral-rich water is contained in the South Alligator Dolostone aquifer, and is naturally purified over 10,000 years through a series of limestone and quartz rocks. As each drop precipitates through these rocks over the period of time, it is naturally purified using the rocks as natural filters and also organically enriched with the purest form of silky smooth artesian water.


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